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The Best Tips To Up Your Intimacy Game While High

It has been an aphrodisiac since ancient times – now here are tips to making modern love

The Karma Sutra is the original how-to on how enjoy your sex life.  Written in the 3rd century, it has been a North Star and guide to intimacy for ages. The Indian book has been a best seller and the suggestions have been incorporated in a variety of ways across the centuries and globe. I demonstrates cannabis has been used 3000 years to stimulate and enhance the sexual experience. The Indians stepped it up a notch in the 7th century and added cannabis to emerging tantric sex practices. Taking a page from it, here are the best tips to up your intimacy game while high.

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Consume in a way you know

If you’re trying out the combination of marijuana and sex for the first time, try using a method that you’re well acquainted.  This will help avoid some of the factors out of your control. If you like to plan ahead, try experimenting with different strains and consumption methods before the night of, just so you can have a handle on your high and can eliminate negative side effects. And remember, a bout of giggles can be used as a quick break before the next round of action.

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Take strains into account

Do research and get to know different kinds of marijuana, since these can affect your body and performance in different ways. While some strains enhance physical sensations others leave you with a more cerebral high, something that can get frustrating when trying to have a special sexual experience. While people react differently to different strains of marijuana, sativas are a good starting point, since they tend to improve your mood and increase your sensitivity.

Go slow, finish bigger

You don’t want to be too high, so be cautious and consume slowly, making the process of getting high as gradual and sensual as possible as possible. Let touch be the guide for when cannabis hits. Add a bit more if you need to increase your high than to realize that you’re too high and that you’ll be having trouble keeping your eyes open.

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Use lube

Lube is always a great idea. It makes things move better and adds a subtle layer of extra feeling. Odd fact, THC tends to make you have a bit of dry mouth and slows your body’s production of liquids.  So little lube can translate to pleasurable sex. Keep your lube nearby and stay hydrated.

Play with new sensations

Test out new toys or sensations, taking advantage of your body’s newly acquired sensitivities. Again, it’s important to take it slow in order to avoid getting overwhelmed, steering clear of scenarios that are too intense. Go crazy with an ice cube, some lube or whatever else that sounds like a good time.


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