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The Bizarre Gift A Fan Just Gave Prince Harry And Duchess Meghan

Along the winding road of their royal travels, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been gifted lots of keepsakes ranging from flowers to stuffed animals and baby gifts for the impending blessed child. But on their most recent stop on their Australian tour, the couple was given something super unusual. By someone dressed as a carrot.

On Friday morning when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex swung by Sydney’s Bondi Beach, Markle was handed a bunch of…vegetables.

Meghan seemed both shocked and honored to be handed the carrots, proclaiming to her husband, ‘They’ve given us veggies!’

The Daily Mail describes what’s happening off screen in the video, as Prince Harry makes contact with a large bunch of organic carrots while reaching for hands to shake in the crowd:

The woman offering him the kitchen staple is actually dressed in a carrot costume, complete with a green tuft coming out of her head, and has a friend with her who is dressed as a pea.

The back of her costume displays the website name Nourishing Bubs – which sells baby food – so it might be an attempt to advertise their wares to the pregnant duchess or give her some fresh ingredients to inspire baby food making back home.

Earlier in the morning the couple met with non-profit surf community OneWave, which raises awareness of mental health through saltwater therapy, surfing, and Fluro, which the royal pair participated in. The expectant parents were presented with their own leis before joining an ‘anti-bad vibes circle’ on the sand.

Markle was seen cradling her sprouting baby bump during the visit. The couple is expecting their first child in the spring.


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