Monday, November 30, 2020
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The Internet Is Freaking Out Over A Burger King Froot Loops Milkshake

Last week, rumors started to swirl that a Burger King Froot Loops milkshake was imminent.

It appears the rumor started March 30 with GrubGrade, which requested a mock-up of what a Froot Loops shake might look like. And then, well, the internet went nuts, wondering WHEN WILL BURGER KING MAKE THIS FOR REALZZZZ?

Fast forward to today and Burger King has officially announced it will, in fact, start selling a crack hybrid of ice cream and sugar cereal with a Froot Loops shake starting April 17.

The limited-time (boo!) milkshakes will be a combination of vanilla soft serve, Froot Loops pieces and a special “sweet sauce,” whatever that is. They’ll sell for $2.99.

Last month, Ben & Jerry’s announced they’d be getting into the cereal ice cream with a line of “Cereal Splashbacks” with names like Fruit Loot, Frozen Flakes and Cocoa Loco.

You know how to tell when a trend is about to die? A fast-food company latches onto it. Your days are numbered, cereal ice creams.

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