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The Internet Is Really, Really Happy The Knicks Fired Phil Jackson

As an employee of any sports franchise, your job is constantly under scrutiny. Fans love cherry-picking your decisions, believing you didn’t do enough, are incompetent, and should be replaced at various points over your career. For example, if you’re Phil Jackson, New York Knicks fans thought all those things at once.

ESPN broke the new Wednesday morning MSG executive chairman Phil Jackson and Jackson had “agreed to part ways.” This is the nice way of saying Jackson was fired. Questions abounded whether Jackson, 71, held the “fitness” necessary to fulfill his roles. Following public clashes with Knicks star Carmelo Anthony and openly discussing up-and-comer Kristaps Porzingis, not to mention Jackson’s insistence the team run the obsolete triangle offense, you could say Knicks fans grew frustrated.

To say they’re ecstatic at Jackson’s firing is an understatement. Knicks’ fans exist in a state of euphoria currently. They are freed from incompetent management—obligatory mention that James Dolan remains with the franchise—and see hope with their team where they’re previously wasn’t.

What I’m telling you is this: If you’re father is a Knicks fan, ask him for that iPad you always wanted. In his manic high he will buy you anything you want. If you’re boss is a Knicks fan, ask for a raise or a promotion. If you’re a Knicks fan, don’t check yourself. You earned this. Buy yourself what your bank account can’t afford.

I mean, just look at how happy all these people are. From the celebrity Knicks fans to the media to the casuals. Everyone is really, really happy.

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If people are this happy at your firing, you were bad at your job. Like really, really bad. In the spirit of all Knicks fans: Bye Phil Jackson. See ya never.


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