Monday, December 6, 2021
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The Internet Reacts To Pete Davidson And Ariana Grande’s Breakup

The highly popular romance between mega popstar Ariana Grande and Saturday Night Live comedian Pete Davidson ended this past Sunday, just as suddenly as it began. The pair got engaged after a couple of weeks of dating which led to matching tattoos, a hit song, an adopted pet pig, and a break up, all in the span of five months. That’s more than the events of the lifetime of a regular person, so at least Pete and Ariana have that.

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande, Grandiana for short, had the sort of romance that made everyone annoyed and sort of jealous. Both couldn’t stop talking about how in love they were—on interviews, songs, Instagram, and Twitter—but at the same time you had to appreciate their candidness. It makes sense that some people latched on to them and felt sad when they read about their break up.

Although neither of them have confirmed anything, TMZ and People Magazine have made things sort of official. There’s also this tweet from Twitter user @arianslatestne1 (Ariana’s Latest News) that’s just the final nail in the coffin:

Check out the best reactions from users on Twitter. RIP Grandiana:


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