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The ‘Slutbot’ Was Created To Teach People How To Sext

Sexting is tough, yet it’s a practice that’s growing more popular due to the nature of our relationships. It makes sense then that there’s an app out there trying to teach us the proper etiquette for it, hopefully making the whole experience less taboo.

Slutbot is the first of its kind, an SMS experience designed by erotic writers and sex educators meant to build your confidence and sexting capabilities. The prices of the app are steep, $29 a week for daily coaching or $99 if you prefer to pay once a month. However, the sex bot, just a text away, is free for all to experience.

Via Juicebox:

“We worked with sex educators and erotic fiction writers to create a safe space to practice talking dirty and provide you sexting examples as inspiration. πŸ”₯”

According to the developers of Slutbot, the app is meant to be a fun and informing experience, spreading a message of consent and awareness. “We even talked to a linguist to help us code all of the appropriate words. There are so many different ways you can say β€˜yes,’ ” says Brianna Rader, one of the creators of Slutbot. She is also the CEO of Juicebox, another app that specializes on providing relationship and sex advice to users.

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Like most modern apps, Slutbot is customizable, adapting to all genders and sexual orientations. It has two levels of sexual intensity:”hot & heavy” and “slow & sensual.” Developers claim the most popular setting is the former, which makes sense. People’s answers are anonymous, allowing them to let their freak flags fly with no concerns.

Although the app is new and no data has been gathered, Slutbot sounds like a great idea, giving newbies the chance to experience a new form of sexual experience and giving them tools that can be used in their real life relationships. Sexting with an AI is also another layer to the whole sex with robots discourse, a phenomenon that we’re discussing more and more each year.

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