Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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These Are The Most Sex-Crazed States In America

In research conducted by Four Loko (yes, that Four Loko), the most sex crazed state is one of the smallest. Rhode Island, with a population of a million people, has the most sexually curious mind when it comes to internet searches.

For its experiment, Four Loko tracked sex-related Googles searches, such as “dating apps,” “best bars for singles,” “where to buy condoms,” and “how to get more Tinder matches.” No matter the topic, Rhode Island ended up in the op spot. Rhode Islanders it seems, at least through Google, get very busy.

Other states that rank high include Maine, Michigan, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. States like New York and California, where you’d expect a lot of sex to be happening, didn’t even make the top half of the list. Michigan, Ohio, and Nebraska, however, made the top half with Four Loko assuming that this is due to the large population of college students.

The least sex-crazed states in the U.S. include Hawaii, Texas, South Carolina, and New Mexico. Mississippi takes the last spot and becomes the place where people Google the least amount of sex related questions. (Even the word they most commonly misspell is boring.)

Of course, these statistics and results don’t mean anything conclusive, they’re just Google searches and don’t actually equal the amount of sex that goes on in the area (at least we assume so). Let’s also keep in mind that the study was conducted by Four Loko so the credibility is up for debate.


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