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This Edible Pizza Bikini Is The Hottest Item Of The Summer

Pizza is, without a question, one of the best things in the world. We can argue over the toppings and the types, but everyone loves pizza. So much in fact, that someone thought it would be a great idea to design an edible pizza bikini, which can only be used for tanning and for a limited amount of time. Unless you don’t mind eating your pizza stale or with a side of salty beach water.

In honor of National Bikini Day, Villa Italian Kitchen located in New York city is crafting Pizzakinis of all shapes and sizes, made out of dough, 100% whole milk mozzarella cheese, pizza sauce made out of the freshest California tomatoes, and all the toppings of your choice. This sounds a little too good to be true, but it is a legitimate invention from a well regarded restaurant. The catch is that the Pizzakinis are worth 10,000 dollars.

According to Villa Italian Kitchen, the price of the bikini is due to all the work and time that’s put into the development of the suits. Each bikini needs to be made for the person who’s ordering it, so the restaurant chefs and tailors have to meet with the person, take their measurements and tailor each pizza to fit the shape of their body.

What are you waiting for? A lot of people think that this is the greatest thing ever made. A lot of people also think that Pizzakinis are really stupid.


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