Thursday, January 21, 2021
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This Machine Will Grow Marijuana And Text You When It’s Ready

Growing your own marijuana plant can be very difficult, especially when doing it indoors. Managing light cycles and nutrients can be complicated if you’re not an expert or have a magical green thumb. Now there’s an easier way.

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Seedo Lab is the first product that’s looking to change that, facilitating the growth of indoor marijuana in an innovative and discreet way. While Seedo Lab looks like a regular fridge, only smaller, looking more like a beer or wine refrigerator, it contains all the necessary elements to grow healthy marijuana buds. Novices and experts can put the marijuana seed in the Seedo, which will take care of the rest, messaging you through the application when the plant is ready to harvest. The app contains everything you need to know about the plant, showing you a live feed of it and controls for the plant’s lighting and nutrients delivery, which you can manage and tinker to grow the plant you want.

The Seedo Lab is an almost foolproof method of harvesting, growing the plants in a self contained environment that prevents the development of pests and eliminates the need for toxic pesticides. The fridge also prevents the marijuana smell to fill your home, which is very rare when it comes to indoor harvesting, giving you a discreet option that won’t mess with the balance of your day to day life.

The Seedo app has different settings that can facilitate the growth of other vegetables like lettuce, eggplants, and squash, allowing you to grow up to 5 plants at a time. Seedo Lab ships towards all areas in the world and you can order it online from their website.


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