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This New Dating App Doesn’t Let You See Your Matches

While real life relationships are based on a combination of chemistry, common interests and physical attraction, online dating is mostly focused on looks.

When swiping, we might favor a profile with good picture over someone who shares some interests with us, at times ignoring potential red flags because of a bad angle. A new Chinese app plans on fixing this problem by making looks less important, at least in their algorithm.

Radii reports that the app, called Qiao Qiao, will force all users to get to know each other before allowing them to see pictures.

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Qiao Qiao, a word that roughly translates to “quietly”, starts off the dating process by asking users to fulfill at least 60% of their profile, including information about their interests and personality.

Once you complete this and start communicating with potential matches, all images will be blurred out. The more users interact, the clearer the images will become, acting as an incentive for users to spend more time chatting.

Unlike Tinder and Bumble, which encourage swiping indiscriminately, Qiao Qiao puts a limit on the amount of people you can speak to on a daily basis. The app suggests five potential matches and gives users the ability to speak with a maximum of 10 different people. While these numbers are still high, they’re nothing compared to the amount of profiles users can swipe through when using more traditional dating apps.

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Qiao Qiao has its sights set in the right place, providing something truly different and addressing one of the biggest drawbacks on dating apps. Still, it seems like a lot of work. We’ll have to wait and see if people are willing to prioritize getting to know someone over seeing their picture and swiping right.

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