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#AndyIsComing Is About To Replace The #MannequinChallenge

As much as any media company or brand would like to pretend otherwise, one group claims primary responsibility as internet trendsetters. That group: high school students.

Nowhere was this more evident with the Mannequin Challenge, which, as we reported, started within a Jacksonville high school and spread like wildfire in high schools across the country. Within weeks the trend jumped into the mainstream, with everyone from Hillary Clinton to Paul McCartney to sports teams and cute little kids enjoying masquerading as mannequins.

While the rest of the nation caught up, though, high schoolers have already moved on. Internet trends carry short lifespans. Just ask Vine. In this case, it seems high schoolers are resurrecting an old internet challenge called #AndyIsComing. It involves everyone meandering about, acting normal, until someone yells “Andy’s Coming!” At this point, everyone crumples to the floor, motionless and inanimate.

How to Do #AndyIsComing

Confused? Let us explain. The challenge springs out of certified classic Toy Story (I’ll fight anyone who claims otherwise). Because of its status as certified classic, you likely know the plot and concept of the movie. But in case you’re an alien or a celibate pop culture consumer, a quick summary: What if toys were alive? Great, now you’re caught up.

In the movie, the toys don’t want their owner, Andy, to know they’re alive. When he’s gone, they frolic about and play in his room. When he returns, someone shouts “Andy’s coming!” as a warning, and the toys return to being lifeless, plastic creatures.

The same principle applies in the #AndyIsComing challenge that’s taken over. It initially made rounds on Vine back in 2013 as seen above, but a new life has been breathed into the trend thanks to the outpouring of posts.

Check out some of our favorites below. Hopefully you’re ready to stop standing still and prepared to start crumpling to the floor.


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