Monday, July 15, 2024

Tinder’s Super Like Function Is A Little Controversial

Tinder’s Super Like function, for those not on the dating app, is for those moments when you think a stranger is really, really attractive; when swiping right is not enough. Tinder probably intended for this feature to be flattering and for it to add a little personality to your profile. Sadly, it’s mostly creepy.

Super Liking someone’s profile is very easy to do it by accident, and it’s become one of Tinder’s most annoying trademarks.

Tinder is designed to give a Super Like when you swipe up on your screen, making it slightly more difficult than, say, accidentally liking someone’s first post on Instagram, which only demands a double tap of the screen. Despite this, swiping up is still something that happens on accident, especially when you’re using Tinder on-the-go or if you’re rapidly swiping through users. Using the buttons instead of swiping on Tinder makes things even harder because the Super Like button is located right next to the “No.”

Mashable interviewed different users on Super Liking, and concluded that most people don’t know what to do with the feature. “Pretty much the only time I Super Liked was accidental. I think I was just swiping too fast or I actually meant to swipe left,” says one Tinder user. Another user says that they believe all Super Likes are accidental, and that it’s hard to confess if you were being honest and thought that person deserved more than a swipe right. “I don’t think I would admit to accidentally Super Liking someone if we matched. [Admitting it] would inject a weird power dynamic.”

Mashable argues that most users who are on Tinder are also on Bumble and other dating apps, which all have their own gestures and swipes, making it very easy to get confused and to do the wrong swipe by accident.

Most dating apps have a version of the Super Like, so it’s safe to assume that the feature is here to stay. If you really hate it, the only simple way to avoid it is by being extra careful or by paying for Tinder Plus, which allows you to “Rewind.” This feature lets you take back your last swipe, no matter if it was left, right or up.


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