Monday, June 17, 2024

Chocolate Avocado Toast Has Twitter Up In Arms

Avocados were immortalized by millennials when it came to light that they basically spread them over everything, and have no qualms about spending lots of money to have someone else spread it on a piece of toasted bread. They made the news again when it was announced that young adults were being rushed to the hospital at a rapid clip because they didn’t know how to safely remove the pit. In other words, avocados are a big deal for this generation. It’s understandable. They’re absolutely delicious, and they pair well with most foods.

Rising pop star Anne Marie randomly tweeted that she loves avocado toast with chocolate, and the internet freaked out. It’s not the craziest idea, it just seems like two flavors that wouldn’t go together very well.

Recently, peanut butter and pickle sandwiches made the news, with a lot of people screaming in outrage. That sandwich is a little easier to swallow, however, because of its intense flavors that actually complement each other (think of all the Thai food you’ve eaten that used lots of peanut and vinegary flavors). “If it had good bread, good peanut butter and good pickles, you could sell this sandwich at a restaurant for a lot of money,” said The Huffington Post. The combination makes sense. Avocado and chocolate doesn’t.

Following Anne Marie’s advice, a writer from Mashable tried the sandwich and claimed that while it wasn’t bad, it wasn’t good either.

She used a baguette, an avocado, and the chocolate from the inside of a croissant (which is very strange and probably not what Anne Marie used). She toasted the bread, piled in the ingredients and added a dash of salt to highlight the flavors. When she ate it, she said that the flavor of the chocolate drowned out the light taste of the avocado. This makes sense; avocados aren’t used for their flavors, they’re mostly added in to give texture to meals, something that’s unnecessary when you’re eating an already creamy chocolate sandwich. Maybe with Nutella it would have tasted better, but I don’t think so.


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