Friday, September 30, 2022

‘Trailer Park Boys’ Go Legit In Canada’s Legal Marijuana Market

After years of failing on the black market, the “Trailer Park Boys” are setting their get-rich-quick schemes in a different venue — the legal cannabis industry. As the foundation of Canada’s legal recreational cannabis industry blooms, we’re seeing new and old players alike emerge to take advantage of the new opportunity. Thankfully for “TPB” fans, that means they will soon enjoy expertly-crafted cannabis products from Trailer Park Buds, the TV show’s new weed line.

Trailer Park Buds fits under the umbrella of Organigram, the licensed medical marijuana brand in Canada. Back in 2016, Organigram announced a partnership with TPB Productions, which is owned by the real-life actors who play Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles, to become the “Trailer Park Boys” official strategic partner. That means Organigram would “develop branding, packaging, and a competitive product portfolio targeted towards recreational marijuana consumers.”

Through that existing partnership came Trailer Park Buds, which is being marketed as “a cannabis brand with a wink that speaks to consumers who appreciate a sense of humour and don’t take themselves too seriously.” Those consumers can enjoy flowers, as well as blended and pre-rolled products with the “TPB” stamp on it.

“This relationship solidifies one of our strategic building blocks as we plan for the legalization of recreational use in Canada. The team at Trailer Park Boys have an aligned vision to develop a National brand with our assistance and we’re incredibly excited at how the partnership will come to life,” Ray Gracewood, Chief Commercial Officer at OrganiGram, said in a press release announcing the initial partnership.

However, Canada isn’t too keen on celebrity endorsement in the cannabis space. In a draft of the rules released ahead of legalization, cannabis packaging will only be allowed to include one other brand element beside the product’s name. Additionally, that other brand element must be smaller than the government’s warning label about the possible dangers of smoking marijuana.

But Trailer Park Buds likely won’t need any extreme form of publicity or promotion. As Gracewood said to The Daily Hive, “packaging is a critical element of the brand mix but certainly isn’t the only element. There are other ways for us to bring a brand to life outside of packaging.” That’s because the Trailer Park Buds logo exists as a natural extension of the “Trailer Park Boys” brand, which is instantly recognizable to fans of the show. If they spot the ballonish red lettering, there will be no mistaking who’s behind the product.

Instead, they’re more likely to quote an iconic Rickyism from the show, “Cory, Trevor, smokes let’s go.” Budtenders are surely anticipating hearing that 10 times a day.



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