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Trump Introduced This To The Mainstream

You can say Trump is his own person and a big personality.  With 3 wives and multiple women in his life, he has had some adventures.  Now Trump introduce this to the mainstream, and it has some people wonderful what it is!  While Golden Showers—the process of urinating on someone—is a bit “outside the box” of traditional sex play, it does have its fans in all part of society. Also called waterspouts, it is part of the “awakening” of things when can do in the foreplay realm.  Fifty Shades of Grey introduced all sorts of activities into private time.

Thanks to the abundance of online porn, “Golden Shower” has growing interest as a sexual fetish. Golden Showers are also gender neutral; there is no “man” or “woman.” Both straight and gay couples can participate without it being complicated by rules. Lucas Entertainment is one of the sites that has a whole section featuring this particular fetish.

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It’s good to know that urine is sterile…you know the old adage of people drinking it in the desert when they run out of water.

Doing This In The Shower Could Lead To Sleep Problems
Photo by John Fornander via Unsplash

Tips For Golden Showers

Be Thoughtful

Make sure both of you are into the process, this should be consensual. Even if there is a giver and receiver, both should be turned on. Nothing is worse then doing something a bit out there if one person isn’t into it.

Clear things up

Remember Golden Showers is the name not the case. It should be a clear shower so drink plenty of water and relieve yourself at least an hour beforehand. This generally is a “later in the day” play as when you sleep your body is storing and your morning urine tends to be a bit strong.

The goal is to rid yourself of the odor: lots of water will insure at some point you will produce a clear stream.

Think before you eat: No garlic, coffee, asparagus or vitamins. They ramp up the smell and taste. On the reverse, pineapples, strawberries, and artificial sweeteners tend to provide a better pee.

ocean tunnel wave

Manage the area

Pick your area for play. Nothing is worse than having spillage on your mattress an hour before bed. Most people pick rooms with easy to clean floors or the bathroom or shower. Plenty of Reddit users also suggest an inflatable pool.


Be patient! Some people are a bit shy about the process in general and definitely on command or when erect.

Lastly, be safe, don’t engage if you have open cuts or sore and drink plenty of water afterwards to hydrate!


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