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VIDEO: Why Joe Rogan Wants Everyone On Marijuana

Everyone knows just how much Joe Rogan loves, supports, and advocates for cannabis. And in honor of Colorado surpassing $1 billion in revenue generated by marijuana taxes, licenses, and fees, we’re bring back this classic bit from Joe Rogan’s classic 2014 special Rocky Mountain High. Taped right after marijuana sales became legal in the state, Rogan hilariously breaks down why he believes everyone should try weed. Particularly those who support prohibition.

“First of all, everyone who tells you that you can’t have weed, they should all get on weed,” Rogan says. “Every single one of those motherfuckers. They’re the people who need weed more than anybody.”

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Why’s that, you ask? Because humans have become too cocky, too ignorant of the complex reality of our own existence. Being high also makes you confront the numbing implications of infinity, and fall asleep while trying to masturbate. It’s all classic Rogan schtick. And for anyone who’s become too complacent in their lives, Rogan has a high-minded suggestion.

“You want to shit your pants? Pot cookie plus airplane,” he says. “That’s a religious experience. And it’s available for everyone.”

You can watch the full clip below.

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