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‘Walking Dead’ Producer Is Developing A TV Reboot Of ‘Creepshow’

The unending stream of reboots has no end in sight, with Greg Nicotero helming a TV adaptation of the 80s movie Creepshow.

Nicotero, known for his make-up work and producing role on “The Walking Dead,” announced that the show will be developed with Shudder, a horror streaming service owned by AMC. “Creepshow is a project very close to my heart! It is one of those titles that embraces the true spirit of horror…thrills and chills celebrated in one of its truest art forms, the comic book come to life! I’m honored to continue the tradition in the ‘spirit’ in which it was created,” stated Nicotero in a press release.

This will be Nicotero’s first time directing but he’s had a lot of experience in the industry, working in the make-up department with George Romero, the original director of the 1980s movie, along with other directors of blockbusters such as Robert Rodriguez and Michael Bay.

The Creepshow TV adaptation will be an anthology series which will focus on telling stories that are original, fun and scary. It’ll be interesting to see the places the show will go considering that the original film was an homage to the horror comic books of the 50s.

Even though the movie is a cult classic, spawned two sequels, and was Warner Bros. most successful film in 1983, it’s mostly memorable because it was Stephen King’s first screenplay. He also had a pretty amazing cameo in the final version of it. The series is scheduled to debut on Shudder in 2019.


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