Monday, March 27, 2023

WATCH: Comedian Hilariously Explains Why Marijuana Isn’t A Gateway Drug

If you still aren’t sure whether or not marijuana is a gateway drug, this video may not be right for you. Don’t worry, we have other ways to bone-up on the topic, but this video from comedian Sean Patton points out the absurdity of the argument all while making you laugh.

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“If you want to call marijuana a gateway drug, it’s because it helps you close the gate. You know what I mean? Booze is a gateway drug,” Patton says. “But they can’t call it that, because there’s no gate anymore. It’s been plowed over by a f***ing guy in an F-150 after tailgating.”

You can watch the full video below, where he also digs into the musical choices of surgeons and more.



How Marijuana Could Worsen Symptoms Of Depression

A recent study found people with depression were double the risk of using marijuana than those without, and were more likely to consume at a near-daily rate.

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