Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Watch: This Company Will Decorate Your Beard For Christmas

Have you ever thought to yourself, “You know, trimming a tree isn’t enough at Christmas. I need more things to hang stuff on,” your holiday dreams have come true! There’s a company that specializes in decking out beards for the festive season, complete with glitter and clip-on bulb ornaments.

Beardaments has a kit you can buy online that contains all sorts of accoutrement, including string lights! And it’s pretty easy to apply. Just  brush your facial hair of choice (if you have more than two options on your face, it’s time to shave something off) with some nourishing oil to keep the glitter in place, shake on said glitter (red, green, silver), add whatever extra flair you’re in the mood for, and then dare one of your friends to buy you shots if you’re actually brave enough to be seen in public with your new face embellishments.

According to the Beardaments website, “Beardaments are great for: lumberjacks, Grizzly Adams, fishermen, Abraham Lincoln, bearded ladies, pets, thickets of chest hair and anyone else proud of their facial hair!”

So if you’re tired of watching Love Actually on a loop in hopes of getting your facial hair in the holiday spirit, check out this video and then do your beard a solid by gifting it what it’s always wanted: a long overdue “eff you” to your face.



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