Friday, December 8, 2023

Wendy’s Started More Beef, This Time With A Cross-Street Rival

About a month ago, the signs of two fast food establishments began talking to one another. This wasn’t a case of inanimate objects becoming sentient. Instead it was two clever employees starting beef with one another. In Lubbock, Texas, Pure Water Ice & Tea company lured the Wendy’s across the street into a harmless feud with one another. You might think I’m lying, but the signs tell the truth of the situations. These two are locked in royal battle.

Now it’s important to reiterate a point I made last time Wendy’s embroiled itself in trolling behavior. Beef involving corporate entities is almost never real. Instead it’s a slickly disguised marketing ploy attempting to gain your eyeballs in the attention economy. That is the New Advertising, construction emotional ties to corporate avatars.

As reported by KCBD: “Kyler [Smith, Assistant Manager at Pure Water Tea Ice & Tea Company,] says he’s been trying to provoke his food-chain neighbor with clever signs for a while now, and Wendy’s finally took the bait when Pure Water went for the big dogs.”

Taken as a harmless publicity stunt, however, these two signs are amusing. It would be particularly delightful if you lived in Lubbock and drove past them daily. I’m not hating on the frivolous intent behind this “beef.”

Just don’t call two minimum-wage employees posting soundbite bars at one another “savage,” please. Because if this beef was as real as Wendy’s claims its hamburger beef is, they probably wouldn’t want us posting about it.


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