Sunday, July 21, 2024

Woman Marries 300-Year-Old Pirate Ghost, Then Confirms They’ve Split Up

Amanda Teague found love with the ghost of a Haitian pirate called Jack.

At the beginning of the year, the Irish Mirror reported that Teague became the first person in Ireland to get married to a dead person, choosing to share her life with the spirit of a pirate from the 1700 who was executed for thieving on the high seas.

“He wanted to explore all the cultures of the world, he wanted to travel the seven seas. Obviously he needed money to do that, so yes, he was a petty thief, and he did commit some crimes. But he wasn’t the typical pirate shall we say,” she said of the ghost.

Teague and her pirate ghost were legally married by a shaman on the Irish coast, but now, she claims to be seeking a divorce.

“So I feel it’s time to let everyone know that my marriage is over. I will explain all in due course but for now all I want to say is be VERY careful when dabbling in spirituality, it’s not something to mess with…” she explained on social media.

Teague currently lives in Belfast and claims that she’s not a medium, just someone who is sensitive to spirit energies. For a time she worked as a Jack Sparrow impersonator, spending over 6,000 pounds in order to change her name and looks so she could resemble Johnny Depp in costume, including the dreads, the golden teeth and the tattoos.

She met her ghost back in 2014, where she explained that the spirit appeared beside her when she lay in bed, and that he looked very much like Jack Sparrow. “He is dark-skinned and has jet-black hair, so he tells me.”

She also explained that, due to her views and thoughts regarding casual sex, they had to get married and have a commitment to each other. “I wanted the big traditional wedding with the white dress. It was very important to me,” she said of their engagement.


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