Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Woman Who Claims To Have Had Sex With 20 Ghosts Is Now Engaged To One

British spiritual person Amethyst Realm made the news last year when she announced that she’d slept with over 20 different spirits and that she preferred them over living men. Good for her. Now, she’s making headlines again by announcing that she’s done gallivanting with ghosts and that she is tying the knot with, you guessed it, a very special spirit.

Realm says that she’s very happy with her choice in partner and that they’d met while she was traveling in Australia. “I’d not had a phantom fling for a while and as I was away on business, starting a new relationship was the last thing on my mind. Then one day, while I was walking through the bush, enjoying nature, I suddenly felt this incredible energy. A new lover had arrived,” she explains in an interview with The Sun.

Realm fell in love fast, claiming that her new relationship is much more exciting than the one she had with her previous human fiancé. “I was happy and excited — so excited that we had to do something about it. So we headed to the plane loo and, well, I am now a member of the Mile High Club,” she said. Who wants to tell her that’s not how the Mile High Club works?

Although Realm and her ghost had been in a relationship for a couple of months, she claims that she’d never heard the ghost speak, not until he (it?) finally proposed. “There was no going down on one knee — he doesn’t have knees. But for the first time, I heard him speak. I could actually hear his voice and it was beautiful. Deep, sexy and real.”

Realm says that her friends and family are understanding of her situation and that they accept her choice in partner. The couple is currently organizing a pagan ceremony to hold on the day of their wedding. How will she know if she’s been left at the altar?


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