Saturday, June 15, 2024

You Can Adopt Dogs Too Nice For Government Training

All dogs have unique personalities and some of them are too nice and/or lazy to graduate from service training. These are obviously the best pets to keep around and now you can adopt one of your very own.

These puppies are available for adoption at TSA headquarters in Texas. For different reasons, be that because of their nervousness, lack of drive or simply being too friendly, these dogs didn’t complete the necessary training to be government qualified and are now up for adoption.

These dogs are all large breeds: German Shorthaired Pointers, Labrador retrievers, German shepherds, and Belgian Malinois. They’re all big animals suitable for sniffing out drugs, contraband, and intimidating people, which makes them even cuter.

There are several organizations that make sure to give “career dogs” a home. Some of these include Mission K9, which connects families to older and retired dogs, and Freedom Service Dogs of America, which trains shelter dogs to become service dogs and puts the pups who don’t make the cut  up for adoption.

While it’s a little sad to see a dog fail, especially after trying so hard, it’s very adorable and reassuring that programs like these exist, giving the puppies a second chance to do something else with their lives. Some would say these dogs got the better end of the stick; sleeping and cuddling sounds like a much better option than being a career dog anyway.


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