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You Can Eat Nicolas Cage Now: Say Hello To Nicolastick

For all the millions of people yearning to taste the nomadic eyebrows of Nicolas Cage, food vendors in Japan will now give you that chance.

To promote the Japanese release of his 2016 film Army of One, those who purchase an advanced ticket will receive a limited edition Nic Cage-themed umaibo, or “delicious stick.” (You just know that’s an innuendo Nic Cage get behind.)

Umaibo is a small, puffed corn snack common in Japanese culture. It typically costs hungry people around 10 yen—a.k.a. $0.08. Worth noting is Nicolas Cage’s still-enduring appeal in Japan, thanks to a succession of oddball pachinko advertisements he did around the mid-2000s.

A national obsession in the country, pachinko is Japanese pinball-style gambling game. The advertisements attempted to capture the hysteria surrounding the game, as Nic Cage was often depicted fantasizing and hallucinating about playing. It really is some of his best acting work of this century.

If that wasn’t enough fun for you, the Japanese studio who brought the new Cage flick Army of One to their country, as is customary. That title, I’m happy to inform you, translate to “Bin Laden Is My Prey.”

That’s high praise.

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