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Domino’s Vastly Underestimates What Russians Will Do For Free Pizza

At first glance, you’d probably think the recent marketing ploy byDomino’s Pizza in Russia was a clever idea. The concept was simple: One tattoo, 100 years, 10,000 free pizzas. It was part of the company’s “Domino’s Forever” campaign to raise the brand’s profile on social media.

To win “free pizza for your whole life,” customers had to tattoo the Domino’s logo somewhere visible on their bodies, then post about it on social media. The pizza chain would then grant customers 100 free pizzas every year for a whole century, equaling 10,000 possible free pizzas. Too good to be true?

Domino’s clearly underestimated what people on the internet will do for free pizza.

Fresh tattoos bearing the Domino’s logo flooded social media pages, including Facebook, Instagram, and the Russian-language platform VKontakte, BBC reported. To curb the amount of entries, Domino’s tried to install strict rules that clarified what parts of the body they considered “visible” and demanded the tattooed logo be a minimum 2cm (0.79 inches) in length.

In addition, Domino’s would only grant the free pizza prize to “the first 350 people” who met these requirements. Tattoos that were cheekily self-aware kept coming, as did tattoos of virtually every “visible” body part imaginable. Domino’s thought their restrictions would stop the flood, but the wave of Domino’s tattoos continued to come.

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Domino’s was forced the close the competition as a result. “Friends, we already have 350 participants!” Domino’s wrote on its Facebook page. “We are not receiving any new tattoos!”

And still the tattoos kept coming. Maybe people didn’t see the post, or maybe they thought the company would bless the good fortune of free pizza on them. Turns out that Domino’s didn’t want to leave these people hanging. As BBC reports, Domino’s responded in the comments of these late social media posts to arrange a private conversation about compensation.

Some have already cashed in on their free pizza. And if you’re curious what a free pizza certificate from a Russian Domino’s looks like, one user was kind enough to post about it.



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