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5 Singing Dogs That Will Make You Feel Better About Life

We love dogs, in all shapes and forms. Nothing beats the qualities of man’s best friend, their loyalty, compassion, cuteness and just general positivism.  


Except maybe, when they’re singing along to their favorite song. We’ve compiled a list of the most talented singing dogs the internet has to offer because, why the hell not.

Be prepared to uncover your new favorite artist.

Mr. 305

I’ll be the first in line to buy that album. This little pitbull gets so inspired he even tilts his head back when the chorus comes up.

Let It Go

Forget all those famous “Let It Go” covers, this one is the best one ever made. Let’s not even get into the way this dog’s ears perk up when he realizes that his favorite song is playing in the background.

Classical Boxer

Damn it Rocky, don’t interrupt!

Ready to Rock

This puppy doesn’t even need to be prompted by his owner’s voice or goaded into singing, he’s just ready to belt out.

Jingle Bells 

And of course, some timely Holiday singing!


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