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5 Videos Of Babies and Puppies Being Jealous That Will Make Your Day

The babes and pups have no chill.

Photo by Krista Mangulsone via Unsplash

Jealousy is normally a shitty feeling, whether you’re the one who’s feeling it or whether it’s directed at you. It reminds us that we’re not as great as we think we are and that sometimes we can be assholes. In short, it’s not cool.


Except when babies and puppies do it. Then it’s hilarious. We thought it’d be awesome to introduce you to some of these viral gems of puppies and babies not being able to deal with their instinctive emotions and just acting like cute and jealous idiots. Enjoy.

0 to 100

The baby’s mood swings will give you whiplash; when his parents are kissing each other he’s upset, but when he’s the one being kissed is like he completely forgot that he was crying a second ago.

Pay attention to me!

These cute dogs are playing with each other and have forgotten their cat friend, who gently reminds them that he exists with a loud meow and a gentle push towards the camera.


This family is totally trolling this little girl. She’s very cute but also vengeful, check out that sneaky foot on 0:49.

No. Touching.

There will not be any touching in this house.

Look at ME

These parents can’t film their baby crawling without having their puppy step in. Literally. 

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