Friday, December 3, 2021
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Hungry Or Maybe Just Lazy Bear Rides On Top Of Garbage Truck For 5 Miles

Bears are naturally smart and curious critters that are more than capable of finding shortcuts in life. They also love to eat things out of the trash. So it’s hard to know exactly what motivated this bear to climb on top of a garbage truck and ride it for five miles. Was he looking for a snack and got trapped? Or was he trying to avoid a long walk? We’ll likely never know, but the fact of the bear’s incredible voyage remains.

From the Associated Press:

Santa Fe National Forest spokeswoman Julie Anne Overton says the driver was picking up a dumpster last week when he heard a squeal then realized the bear was on top of the truck. It rode atop the vehicle to a site where the Forest Service keeps a firefighting helicopter.

Eventually, the truck backed up to a nearby tree, which the bear climbed. After an hour or so of probably reminiscing over the day’s many adventures, the bear climbed down from the tree and ran off. An exciting day for everyone, especially the bear!


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