Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Could You Devour A 48-Layer Cake


No matter how big your sweet tooth is, there is no way a piece of 48-layer chocolate cake won’t make you want to puke. Skeptical? Head to … Elementaria Bakery in Mumbai, India and take their one-slice challenge.

Each slice of this cake, made with hazelnut and chocolate ganache and almond praline, weighs three pounds. And if you can eat it in under 10 minutes, it’s free (that’s a $15 value).

Just watching the slices get cut and plated is cathartic. It’s totally mesmerizing.

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The entire cake takes two days to make and weighs a gut-busting 13 pounds. INSIDER got their hands on some footage (shot by @curly.tales) and it’s no joke. For what it’s worth, the bakery also offers other, less colossal eating challenges.

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The Ele Jumbo is a sprinkle-rimmed margarita glass filled with whipped cream, chocolate fudge, sponge cake, four scoops of ice cream, a waffle slice and a cupcake. If you can down it in 7 minutes, it’s on the house. Please consult your stomach before attempting either challenge as a clean-up crew is likely not factored into the price.

The greatest number of layers in a layer cake is 260, and was achieved by The Watkins Co. (USA) in Winona, Minnesota, USA, 2018 to celebrate the company’s 150th anniversary.

The cake weighed 1,250 lbs, measured 6 ft 1 in tall, was 32 in wide by 24 in long at its base, and resulted in more than 5,000 individual servings. It was served to members of the community as well as donated to local businesses and charitable organizations.

The cake was made using the same recipes and techniques as those for a traditionally-sized vanilla buttercream layer cake, but was prepared with a total of 900 eggs, 480 lbs of sugar, 150 lbs of flour, 102 lbs shortening, 45 lbs butter, 32 lbs oil, 45 lbs milk, 30 lbs water, 2.5 lbs salt, and 7 lbs of Watkins All Natural Baking Vanilla Extract.


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