Friday, September 25, 2020
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Girl Scouts Can Now Sell Cookies In Front Of Colorado Dispensaries

Good news for those who want to buy their cannabis products and Girl Scout Cookies in the same place: you can totally do that now!

For those unaware, the Girls Scouts of San Diego weren’t happy to learn one member had sold more than 300 boxes of cookies outside a local dispensary, alleging that she hadn’t followed the rules properly. That mistake led to a major discovery that the Girl Scouts of Colorado had tweeted back in 2014 — the organization prohibits cookie sales outside of dispensaries. Who knew?

Fast forward to today…that same organization has announced it has changed its tune.

Girl Scouts of Colorado has updated its cookie policies to allow for the sale of cookies outside dispensaries.

Via Mashable:

Under the new policy, Colorado’s Girl Scouts will be allowed to set up cookie booths in front of previously-banned “adult-oriented” places, like dispensaries, bars, and tattoo parlors. In an email, Girl Scouts of Colorado spokesperson AnneMarie Harper said that it’s up to parents and guardians to discern whether or not a business is appropriate for cookie sales.

Harper explained that local councils and leaders are best equipped to establish “safety parameters” in their communities. Those “safety parameters” also include distance from roads and parking lots, and Girl Scouts would also need approval from local businesses themselves to set up shop.

“This change was made to allow troop leaders and families to determine the best location for My Sales with proper approval,” Harper said.

Though marijuana is recreationally legal in other states, she couldn’t say whether this policy would extend to other state Girl Scout organizations.


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