Daily Delight:

You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Seen These Photos Of Dogs. On Floaties. In Pools.

It's summer. It's Friday. You've earned this.

Photo by Flickr user nikoretro
Photo by Flickr user Clay Gilliland
Photo by Flickr user Alan Levine
Photo by Flickr user Michael Tipton
Photo by managedpain via Pixabay
Photo by Flickr user Todd Huffman
Photo by Flickr user Beachfront Solutions

We would love to offer you some deep analysis of the above photos. Actually, no we wouldn’t. That would be absurd. Because there is really nothing else to say about them. They are not reflective of some bigger trend, or higher truth, or even surrealist meaning. They are simply dogs. On floaties. In pools. Sometimes, that’s enough. This, friends, is one of those times. May your weekends be filled with many dogs. On floaties. In pools.

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