Wednesday, April 17, 2024

TFT Asks: Should Our Next President Be Samantha Bee?

Samantha Bee and John Oliver have been so consistently good on the insanity that is this election cycle that there is a backlash to their greatness: tweets and posts sarcastically making fun of how much they are DESTROYING IT.

But, well, we’re not quite ready to put down the delicious Kool-Aid cup just yet. Especially after watching this swarming Bee attack on His Orangeness and the second debate, which she dubbed: “The Night We Gave Up.”

If you are looking for reasons not to give up, the above clip should help.

Jokes aside, the acute and tenacious way that Bee has grappled with the issues during this most contentious campaign suggests that she has a better grasp on complicated and nuanced ideas about how to run the country than at least one of the candidates. (*Cough, Cough, DJT, Cough, Cough*).  As a country, we’ve already elected an actor as our president in the not-distant past—and this year we’ve proven we are capable of dragging a tremendously unqualified reality TV star to the brink of the most powerful office in the free world.

Given that, what say we think about getting serious about electing a funny, thoughtful person like Samantha Bee the next time we have the chance. (And, Sam, if you are reading this, sorry to nominate you for what is essentially the worst job ever.)

For one thing, there are tons of studies suggesting that laughter can really, actually be (Bee?) the best medicine. All you have to do is Google “laughter healthier life” for proof of that. For another: one of the big claims of pro-Trumpers is that, once elected, he’d surround himself with smart and capable people who know how to, you know, actually run shit. Well, I’m sure the same applies to Bee. And here’s where I think she would have your vote: because her cabinet would likely include many of your favorite people.

Posted By: Maccabee Montandon


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