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Why We Love Iggy Pop and His Pet Bird Biggy Pop’s Perfect IG

Yesterday, a tweet brought my attention to the wonderful Instagram account biggypop, which consists solely of videos of legendary rocker Iggy Pop and his pet cockatoo, Biggy. The account launched earlier this year and so far has just 17 posts, all of which show Iggy and Biggy doing something adorable and strange together.

For example, here’s one of Iggy doing sit-ups with Biggy perched on his knee.

Iggy singing to his pet bird Biggy through an Iggy puppet? Sure, why not.

Biggy desperately trying to get Iggy’s attention while he’s on the phone.

Iggy and Biggy chilling out and listening to Curtis Mayfield’s “Diamond in the Back”

Here’s Iggy singing The Trashmen’s “Surfin Bird” to Iggy, who seems to be enjoying it.

Iggy and Biggy, all dressed up for Halloween

Biggy and Iggy jamming out to the Big Tymer’s “Still Fly.”

While biggypop is only 37 weeks old, Biggy made his internet debut three years ago in a surreal and very good holiday greeting from Iggy Pop. Check it out below.

Iggy and his band, the Stooges, are the subjects of a new documentary directed by Jim Jarmusch called Gimme Danger. Check out the trailer below.

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