Monday, May 27, 2024

BMW Found 6 Months After Bad Friend Forgot Where He Parked It

Imagine you’re being a good friend and decide to loan your buddy your BMW so he can drive it to a concert a few hours away. What a nice guy you are! Now imagine that your friend parks your car, attends the show, and then can’t remember where he parked and the car….for  six months.

Just such a thing happened last June, when the Manchester Evening News reports a man borrowed his friend’s Beamer in Scotland to drive down to a Stones Roses show in Manchester. The man parked in a parking garage near the concert venue, but immediately forgot which one.

When he emerged from the concert, he looked and looked for his buddy’s car to no avail. Five days later, he finally gave up. Two months later, the friend who he’d borrowed the BMW from finally reported the vehicle stolen or lost.

Flash forward to December 30. Manchester police officers happened upon an abandoned BMQ in a parking garage with plates that matched the missing car’s.

Officers estimate the parking garage ticket for the car could be as high as £5,000. No word if the BMW’s owner ever forgave his friend.

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