Can You Ace This National Spaghetti Day Trivia?

True or false: It falls on the same day as National Trivia Day.

National Spaghetti Day
Photo by Paweł Rękas via Unsplash

Because no day would be complete without some absurd food celebration, today is National Spaghetti Day. It’s the cruel joke the universe plays on us to temp our New Year’s diet resolutions.

Guess what else today is? National Trivia Day. In honor of the hybrid, we turn to social media, the only people who seem to celebrate these nationwide parades of randomness.


If you can guess the correct answers to these questions, we’ll personally bring Chef Boyardee back from the grave to make you some Spaghettios. Too soon?

Q: True or False: National Rigatoni Day already exists.

A: Only if you count this national food day.



Q: Bill O’Reilly’s favorite place for spaghetti is Olive Garden.

Q: What President do we have to thank for spaghetti?

A: Hint: he was the first republican President.



Q: Pavarotti lost 85 pounds eating a diet of veal, chicken and prosciutto.

A: Yuck. It’s true. Along with a little salad, of course!



Q: Which dog wins the eating contest?

Q: What’s the name of the restaurant where Lady and the Tramp dine?

A: Think of the most typical Italian name, and you’re probably correct.


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