Sunday, October 1, 2023

Student Can’t Stop Giggling At Teacher’s Name And Neither Can We

As much as some otherwise deny the fact, we were all children once. We cried, we whined, we ran into walls and fell down. Being a child involves a two-dimensional view of the world, often leading to hilarious, breathtaking honesty.

The abstract is a concept for boring adults.  For example: In the abstract, as adults, we know it’s kind of rude to laugh at a schoolteacher, or any woman, whose unfortunate draw in last names meant children would call her Miss Butt. We’re too empathetic, perhaps. A student, on the other hand, has no problem laughing at their schoolteacher Miss Butt. Why? Because Miss Butt is a really, really funny name.

This was the dilemma mother Priscilla Terumalai faced when her daughter Annalise admitted she couldn’t stop laughing at her teacher’s name, the aforementioned Miss Butt. When Priscilla later met Miss Butt—yep, still laughing over here—she admitted her daughter’s childish ways. Just an example of kids being kids, and Priscilla claims the teacher dismissed it and seemed otherwise fine.

But Priscilla soon received a call to attend a meeting involving the head of year, the school manager, and another reception teacher regarding her daughter’s giggling behavior.

“When I received a call from the school, I was appalled at how pathetic and petty it was,” Priscilla told the Daily Metro. “I wasn’t making fun of her name at all. I wasn’t happy about being reported.”

Though this started from a child laughing at a silly, truly hilarious nickname, it’s ballooned into serious troubles for the family. Miss Butt and Priscilla are no longer on speaking terms, and the mom is worried about her daughter’s educations, and if she’s being treated fairly and equally as a result.

“Annalise is too young to notice if she is being treated differently and I am disappointed about the disruption to her learning,” Priscilla said.

She’s trying to convince the school to let her transfer into another teacher’s classroom, but the request has so far been denied. Until then, Annalise will sit in Miss Butt’s, trying not to giggle. Good luck.


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