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This DJ’s Grandma Is So Shocked To Hear What The Kids Are Up To

His New Year's Eve plans sound lit.

Screenshot via Jade Reed/Youtube

Jade Reed, a DJ who stays up way too late to make a living, shared his New Year’s Eve plans with his grandma and got her reaction on video to share with the world.

He tells her he’s going to have a nice, wholesome night of spinning dope beats in a Grand Rapids warehouse. He’d get there around 10 o’clock at night, he tells her, and get off work around five. He’ll get home around 7 a.m., right around the time she’ll be waking up and making her coffee in the morning.

“Tonight?” she asks. “That’s when you’re gonna do a show? You get to the show at 10, til five in the morning?! Oh my god!” Unbelievable what the kids are up to these days. And she certainly can’t believe it — but she’s mostly concerned that he’ll be “kind of worn out,” and less about what happens in a warehouse during the pre-dawn hours of the first day of the year. Oh, grandma, if only you knew. Actually, it probably for the best that you don’t.

“Why are they having it them kinda hours? Oh Jade, my god.” It’s a good question. Why do kids these days rage until the wee hours? Why not have a nice New Year’s Eve party at a reasonable hour, play some backgammon or Rummy, and call it a night? That’d sounds fine.

Stay tuned for Jade’s next installment, where he brings his grandma with him to a warehouse rave and records her reaction.

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