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5 Weeknight Beers For When You Don’t Know What The Hell To Drink

I’ve spent a lot of time drinking beer on weeknights.

Hanging around my friend’s apartment or basement after college, we’d have little to do and plenty of time to kill. Cherished were the weekends when we knew more people would be free and the bars would be full, but during the week — with some of us between jobs and others with employment that allowed for late mornings — we spent a lot of time inventing games and drinking beer.

In my later years, between shifts at the bar I was tending, I spent plenty of hours sipping craft beers and distinguishing between the best. What I’m trying to say is: I know beers, cheap or otherwise. With that, here are five choice brews for when you’re wondering what to drink on a weeknight.


You likely had the day off — something like 2/3 of the American work force has weekends off — so by evening, you may be winding down after a fruitful two days off. But that’s no reason not to crack a beer. Since the high-energy weekend is just behind you, we suggest a can — a tall can — of IPA. Perhaps Redhook’s Long Hammer IPA. This will give you some high quality beer,  essential for a fine Sunday, but also make you feel like the party isn’t over. Heck, crush the can when you’re done with it if you wanna!


This day is often known as the most boring day of the week but it doesn’t have to be! Try something new: a dark beer. Perhaps a Guinness if you want something low alcohol or if you want something with some punch, try a Stout, Porter or even a Brown Ale, like Newcastle. The dark brew will warm your insides and remind you not everything is monotony.


After two days of drinking heavier stuff, it’s time to break that “In Case of Emergency” glass and go for a cheap, light beer. Domestic favorites, like Rolling Rock and Miller Lite, though in every region there are local versions (and there’s always the overseas Stella Artois). Go easy on yourself with these inexpensive options.


Time for a flavor explosion. Time to get down on a Red Ale! If you live on the west coast, shoot for Odin’s Ruby or Double Mountain’s IRA. If you want a national brand, check out a bottle of Arrogant Bastard or Killian’s Irish Red. These are the most confection-like flavor-boom brews. Turn Wednesday into Funsday!


Also known as “Little Friday” (go with it), there’s no reason to act small. Thursday is often a good sports day, if you’re into that, which can make it a good day to get together in a group. Either way, get out of the house and have something on draft. Try a Session IPA, a Citra IPA, a Fresh Hop Pale Ale or something else fresh. On Thursday, you want flavor and excitement, but you don’t want to get bogged down in too much heft. So, go for a Sierra Nevada Snow Wit White IPA or their Torpedo Citra.

Cheers to making it through the week!

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