Sunday, June 23, 2024

Watch: This Infinite Slip ‘N Slide Will Have You Dreaming Of Summer

The worst part of a Slip ‘N Slide is that like most fun activities they eventually end. But what if they didn’t? In honor of Australian Day (January 28), a bunch of Aussies decided to engineer the answer to that question.

They built a circular infinite version of a Slip ’N Slide, slinging riders around and around until their arms gave out. This way the only person blamed for ending the fun is you.

Reddit user owenob1 says they were at the event and shared some details regarding the device’s creation. Apparently this building of Slip ’N Slides is an annual event (remember it’s summertime for Aussies right now) and this is their 4th or 5th year in a row.

The machine was built from scratch and required seven days total to engineer and manifest. The Slip ’N Slide has three speeds and the one on video is the lowest setting as the other two were deemed unsafe. Which begs us to ask: Just how fast is that top speed? Is this machine a sliding scale between fun and death?

Who knows. Regardless, this machine is making us ask another important question: Is it summer yet?


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