Tuesday, December 5, 2023

No Reindeer Needed: Watch Drone Pull Santa Claus Across The Mountain

Humans manufacture drones for many purposes. Some reasons are nefariously about money, like Amazon’s drone delivery, while other times dudes just want to surf.

That’s the gambit Casey Neistat and company played but with a twist: what if they surfed powder instead of water? Assembling a drone powerful enough to pull a human across snow, the YouTuber and filmmaker rides through the winter village as a snowboarding Santa Claus

The most impressive moment of the video comes when Neistat holds on as the drone lifts higher and higher, until Neistat is flying through the air. He literally becomes a flying Santa Claus, delivering holiday cheer. The footage was shot around a small Finland ski village that looks straight out of a Normal Rockwell painting.

Neistat pushes the envelope, with the help of Jesse Wellens, utilizing 360-degree cameras and selfie sticks to really push viewers into the moment. It’s an impressive feat, especially when Neistat rides up the mountain while other non-drone-assisted zoom past him on his sides. If you’re looking for some holiday cheer, but with an extreme action bent, this is your video.


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