Sunday, May 31, 2020

Santa Claus

These People Think Santa Should Be Gender Neutral And Carry An iPhone

According to a new survey,Santa would also have a beanie, tattoos, and an Amazon Prime subscription, because reindeer are no longer required when there’s a service that brings you presents on demand.

Is It Okay To Lie To Kids About Santa?

Even though lying about the existence of Santa seems like a normal and nice thing to do, some experts claim that lying to kids sets a bad precedent, particularly at that stage in their lives.

Bad Santa: 9 Super-Sketchy St. Nicks That Have No Jolly

In a way, these dreary, sketchy santas are the honest ones because they don’t try to or can't hide the odd darkness inherent to their profession.

These Weed-Filled Advent Calendars Are Causing Christmas Controversy

Green and red have always symbolized Christmas, but thanks to one Vancouver cannabis company, some have a keen focus on the green this holiday season.

Santa Claus Might Be Real, But Also Really Dead

According to Turkish archaeologists, Santa Claus is real. Bad news: They know this because they found his body. Santa’s dead.

No Reindeer Needed: Watch Drone Pull Santa Claus Across The Mountain

Humans manufacture drones for many purposes. Some reasons are nefariously about money, like Amazon’s drone delivery, while other times Santa just wants to surf.

Will This Be The Year Santa Finally Drowns In The Atlantic?

Weather reporters in the UK are saying the Big Man In Red might not make it this year.

What Did This Santa Lookalike Do To Get Kicked Out Of Six Flags?

Please be advised: Do not attempt to go to Six Flags if you happen to be the doppelganger of a very famous old man in a red hat.


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