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Hoppy Holidays: 7 Surprising Products Made With Beer And Cider

When you put beer into humans, they get happy. That’s simple, right? And when you put cider into humans, they get happy, too! But what happens when you put beer or cider into other things, like soap, lip balm or even pickles? What magical concoctions occur? What treasures of the world are produced? In order to answer these questions, some innovative breweries and companies have been experimenting for our benefit. So, let’s take a closer look and find out what’s what with these six mind-blowing items.

Pike Brewing’s Stout Beer Soap

Soap is supposed to smooth skin and invigorate. That’s great because that’s exactly what hops can do too. Hops both flavor and preserve beer (India Pale Ales are called such because they withstood the long journey from the U.K. to India during colonization) and, as such, they work well in soaps, too. So, the lovely people at Pike Brewing made the Pike XXXXX Extra Stout soap, combining Pike’s stout with palm oil, olive oil and coconut oil. Bath time, anyone?

Brooklyn Brine Co. Pickles

It’s been proven that when people eat they want a story. Why just have a PB&J when you can have a PB&J and learn that the peanut butter is made from peanuts planted by George Washington Carver? And this is exactly why you should put pickles on your plate made from IPA and Cascade hop oil. Spark the imagination with hoppy pickles this holiday season!

Beauty and the Bees Beer Shampoo Bar

In college, you hear about people who like to crack open a frosty can of beer to drink before they take a shower. It’s part of the whole S-S-S routine (I’ll let you Google it, if you don’t know what I’m talking about). But this Tasmanian company has taken the idea to the next level with their beer shampoo bar, which, they say, revives dry hair. And while it might seem weird to have a shampoo bar (and not liquid), let’s just go with it.

Finnriver Cider-Infused Lip Balm

The people of Finnriver Cidery are some of the sweetest you’ll ever meet. They have a toasty tap room, which just opened a few miles from their farm and cidery. At the taproom you can buy cider-infused soaps and liquors as well as cider-infused lip balms. While the Finnriver folks are working to get their non-quaffable products online, you can call them to order their lip balm (360-732-4337), a necessity for anyone who adores their lavender and black current cider, which is everyone!

Nunu Chocolates

This Brooklyn shop combines craft beer with soft, smooth ganache. Need we say more? IT’S BEER AND CHOCOLATE, PEOPLE!

Potlicker Kitchen Beer Jelly

Time for a snack! While I know most beer drinkers aren’t up in time for jelly in the morning for breakfast, it’s the perfect sweet treat to try for afternoon tea. This Vermont company uses beer to make jellies that accompany other snack items like crackers, bagels, toast and fromage (that’s French for cheese! Who knew you’d also be getting a linguists lesson here, too?).

Dark Matter Coffee

This out-of-the-bag-thinking company works with local brewers to age and flavor its coffee beans in beer barrels. Of course, beer barrels were one of the original flavoring ingredients in beer so maybe it’s genius or maybe it’s foolish to harken back to them. Either way, we want a cup! And, besides, coffee is used to flavor all sorts of dark, wintry beers, so why not return the favor?


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