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Watch Some Back-Scratching Bears Dance To “Jungle Boogie” In ‘Planet Earth 2’ Clip

No matter how bleak things get, it’s important to remember that right now somewhere in the world a big and good bear is standing on his hind legs and rubbing his back against a tree in a way that makes it look like he is dancing to a classic funk song.

If you think you’ll have trouble remembering this fact, then please bookmark the wonderful video below, which shows a bunch of bears getting down to Kool and the Gang’s “Jungle Boogie” in the Canadian Rockies.

The clip comes from the BBC’s spectacular-looking Planet Earth II, which is currently airing in the UK. The series can’t arrive on American shores soon enough.

In addition to the happy dancing bears, Planet Earth II has also given us one of the most insane animal videos we’ve ever seen: A horrifyingly intense two-minute, 11-second clip of dozens of snakes chasing after an iguana in some sort of hell pit filled with rocks. Watch it below:

For more about Planet Earth II, check out the extended trailer here.


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