Wednesday, June 12, 2024

This Will Help Everything: Watch These Kittens Be Adorable For A Live Camera

Are you weary of the burning hellscape that American politics has become? Fearful of the internet’s domination of your every move? Confused on what’s so cute or funny about a man in a shitty sweater who’s somehow remained an undecided voter in the most blatantly obvious presidential election in history?

Take a deep breathe and close all of your browser tabs. Now, open this one: A live streaming video of six precious baby kitties wriggling around in their pen, from Canada-based volunteer-run nonprofit, TinyKittens. The mother cat, named Starling, gave birth to her litter on Sept. 14. Their names are Sparrow, Puffin, Egret, Wren, Magpie, and Paloma.

From the stream’s description:

Starling was born in April 2015 in a feral cat colony with 200+ other cats. She is pregnant with her second litter of kittens, and has a large infected wound on her back foot. She has an elevated respiration rate, and we are trying to figure out why. A cardiologist ruled out heart failure as a cause. Our Feral Cat Outcome Prediction Model is predicting she is a good candidate for socialization, so we are hoping to socialize her during the last weeks of her pregnancy. She and her kittens will be spayed and neutered, and the kittens will be adopted into loving homes. Starling will let us know if she would be happiest returning to her forest home, or if she would be happy in a home as someone’s pampered princess.

TinyKittens details their progress on a weight chart, showing the babies’ progress from puffballs weighing barely 100 grams each to slightly lager puffballs. Never grow up, babies.

If you need a good, cathartic cry, read Nano’s story, another TinyKittens rescue whose “final week was spent being loved and snuggled in a warm, safe place with plenty of food. He was free of fleas and out of pain.” Some creatures really are too pure for this world.

Posted By: Samantha Cole


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