Saturday, February 24, 2024

Weekly Delight: Why You Should Follow AnimalsBeingNice on Instagram

The world is often a cold, indifferent, and cruel place. There are wars, famines, despots taking power, too much black pepper on sandwiches, the recurring realization that one day you and everyone you love will die, and all kinds of other awful things. But it’s important to remember that there’s some good out there too, like the very kind animals featured on the excellent Instagram account AnimalsBeingNice.

We highly suggest following AnimalsBeingNice for some photos of good critters being good to each other in order to balance out the—let’s be honest—mostly mediocre travel and food pics your friends are constantly sharing. In addition to happy pictures of animals being nice, the account also offers perfect captions.

For example, here’s a photo of a duck imitating some flamingos, with the caption, “Friendly quack hanging out with the flamingos , having a nice time all around”

And here’s another one of two bunnies kissin’, accompanied by the caption, “Long eared friends being nice.”

“Furry friend kisses the water boy , you look nice, this is nice,” the account writes about a photo of a puppy smooching a large goldfish.

Here’s a pug “being nice to the dragon.”

We really love this photo of a hen sitting on a puppy’s head, about which Animals Being Nice writes, “That’s really nice of you.”

“Thanks for being nice” the account writes about this loyal kitten sitting inside the cone of his dog buddy.

What else is there really to say about this photo of a bulldog and cat holding each other other than, “Nice friends.”

No caption will ever top the one accompanying this photo of a porpoise blowing an air kiss at a young child at an aquarium: “Hello friend , boop”

While this account has only been around for about a month, we look forward to browsing through it for years to come–if the world doesn’t end first 🙂


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