Thursday, March 23, 2023

Watch Construction Workers Uncover A Very Angry Bear During A Dig

Imagine you’re a construction worker, just doing your job and digging some holes on a chicken farm when suddenly you uncover a big ass bear who’d been buried under the ground. Just such a thing recently happened to some workers in Bolu, Turkey.

The Daily Mail reports the workers discovered the bear by accident, giving them “the shock of their lives”

But a note on a YouTube clip of the video says the workers actually rescued the bear. Fom the YouTube: “…[T]he men came to the assistance of a grizzly bear fell in a septic tank. The bear had ventured out to a farm to eat the chickens and fell in the tank concrete septic tank. The rescue operation has need to dig the ground to access the tank buried in the ground. A hydraulic hammer attached to an excavator has then created a hole in the tank large enough so that the animal can get out.”

So the workers were either heroes who saved the life of a chicken-chasing grizzly or they’re accidentally rude guys who disrupted a huge and scary bear as it was trying to hibernate. It’s also possible there’s a third explanation, since the Daily Mail and YouTube comments aren’t always the most trustworthy source of news. Regardless, the video is a good one, and it has a happy ending: The bear eventually escapes the hole and runs away, apparently uninjured.

Watch it below:



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