Tuesday, June 25, 2024

We Don’t Feel Bad About Forcing You To Watch This Cat Video

There is probably a world in which the Daily Delight section of The Fresh Toast is just wall to furry wall cat videos.  But that’s not the world we want to live in. Just kidding—that’s exactly the world we want to live in. In the interest of offering diverse things for your eyeballs and ear drums to enjoy, however, we like to give you non-cat-related posts, as well. See here and here for examples.

But then comes along a cat video so transcendently delightful, that we have no choice but to pass it along to you, our delightful readers. Such is the case with this:

As one TFT editor put it: “80s + cat = gold.” And yes, there is that. (Oh, and speaking of the 80s—Rick Astley has a new record out now.) But the greater service we offer with this video today—and the greater mission of Daily Delight, even—is to offer pure mirth in a crazy, sometimes dangerous world. It was a rough weekend, as you may have heard. This Monday could really use a hefty dose of ironic pop. With cat. Enjoy.


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