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You’re Gonna Need It: Here Are 9 Beers To Drink On Election Night

It’s election night, which means half the country is going to be upset and half the country is going to be happy (and some small percentage of the people will remain flabbergasted that this is how a country finds its leadership). But something we can all agree on is the need for a cold one after the returns have come in. What are the best brews to have on such a momentous day? Great question! We got you!

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Maybe the crowned prince of craft beer (especially on such a large-scale), Sierra Nevada’s famous pale might hold the title of best first sip in all of the beer world. It’s sharp and bright while also maintaining a welcoming tone – in other words it’s got all the characteristics of a good friend during this tumultuous time.

Newcastle Brown Ale

Round and sweet but with enough body not to be a pushover, this crisp, darker-hued brown ale is pleasant but strong enough in character to lean on in times of crisis. I generally prefer it with a shot of whiskey, which is something we all may need by the end of the night.

Stella Artois Pilsner

A beer anyone can drink. A populist beer! Mom will like it, brother will tolerate it, friends will appreciate you aren’t serving Coors Light and — bonus! — it’s the kind of beer you can have several of as you wait out the returns, sweating your ass off.

Angry Orchard Apple Cider

Your surprise candidate has just taken the lead in a major race, why not celebrate it with something off the beaten path: craft cider! Often, ciders can be thick, cloyingly sweet and cringe-worthy but this version walks the middle of the road with valor. As our palates continue to change, cider is becoming more and more prominent. Get on the bandwagon!

Redhook ESB

Often the most important part of Election Day is following the local results. So why not try a beer made with the locals in mind? Redhook is one of the original craft beers and since its inception, the brewery has made national press for itself. The ESB is their flagship concoction and drinks edged and full, just like a seasoned representative.

Sam Adams Boston Lager

This beer just makes you feel patriotic. The Boston Tea Party, the Adams family, heck I even think of the famed Hamilton musical when sampling this age-old brew. Somehow, it feels like the Constitution was written while sloshing down a few of these pints. What could go wrong?

Anchor Steam Amber

Somehow, San Francisco and its history of free love always plays a role in influencing national politics, so why not have one of the original craft breweries (from S.F.) represented on this prestigious list? It’s a bold, lovely beer you can enjoy with a flower in your hair.

Spoetzl Brewery Shiner Bock

When talking politics, Texas has to be mentioned and this odd little gem from the Lone Star State is as good a representation as any from the state that does it big. The Shiner Bock is a huge, malty beer perfect for washing down ribs or brisket or the bad taste in your mouth from an undesired result.

Yuengling Lager

The most divisive beer of them all. Let’s just agree to disagree.

And with that, Happy Elections everyone! Stay safe and watch out for each other. Be kind and generous to your less fortunate brothers and sisters.


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