Thursday, July 9, 2020
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Watch 2 Chainz Drink Cat Poop Coffee From The Most Expensive Brewer

If you’re not familiar with it, GQ has a brilliant web series hosted by 2 Chainz, where the rapper travels around the world in search of the Most Expensive Shit. That also happens to be the title of the series.  It’s sort of like a less polished No Reservations. With cat poop. Let us explain.

Most recently, 2 Chainz set out to test-drive the world’s most expensive coffee maker: a $6,000 Blossom brewer. The beans being brewed during his visit were Kopi Luwak, some of the world’s most expensive. Kopi Luwak is nothing new; I’m sure you’ve heard of cat poop coffee, which is a less endearing term for the drink, made from partly-digested coffee cherries that are extracted from the feces of the civet cats, which eat them.

The best part of this video, besides that fact that the Closed Captioning is obviously high, is 2 Chainz asking:

What if you have, like, cat allergies?

Legit question. Never answered.

Mr. Chainz says he’s trying to balance his vices.

If it’s not Skittles, then it’s coffee. I try not to do both.

Oddly enough, Kopi Luwak is kind of a combination of both.

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