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What Your Food And Drinks Look Like On A $21,000 Flight Upgrade

Casey Neistat got a first-class upgrade from Dubai to New York. A $21,000 upgrade, to be exact. And like anyone with an iPhone who is blessed with good fortune, he recorded his 14-hour flight.

In addition to a shower, turn-down service, pampering incidentals and, most notably, a motorized door that created his own personal hideaway, he was treated to king-like food and beverage service.

“I just order whatever I want whenever I want it,” says Neistat in the video below. “There’s no meal time. You just tell them to cook you something and they cook it, like being at a real restaurant.” Poor guy. There’s also a mechanical beverage cart. “The fact that that’s motorized is just ridiculous. It’s completely unnecessary.” Check out his ridic transportation situation.

(h/t Viral Videos)



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